The lessons I’ve learned in this spell of school

The semester’s wrapping up and the scintillating studying is coming to a close. It’s quite the puzzle, this school. Juggling the thousands of pages and the furious fretting of essays and tests. Neurosis seems to be the norm for most people and it was pleasant to manage to minimize this suffering. 

I spent my mornings studying away, sometimes allowing myself a break for squash or a run. I read and read all of my books, sometimes sacrificing an interest for an obligation. I will tell my readers what worked for me and my crazy conspiracy about how coffee can be exploited. 

I’ve come to an understanding with rest, who is a vicious victor if not anything else. You can’t fight against this demand for rest, all you can do is resist and crumble, rest will wrestle you down no doubt. Burnout is common in the college community so good luck if you demand yourself to drown in the material. I found my days of rest throughout the semester and I’ve come to appreciate a day for decompression. There is nothing quite like a day for recuperation when all you want to do is rip your hair out.

Napping is key if you want to negate the nipping nagging nefarious exhaustion. I found it quite useful to break up my day into two bagels of work, it just isn’t pleasant to munch through two bagels worth of work in one battle. A good study session is always accompanied by a good nap, as long as you need to recover and rest. Then back to the books for my second bagel of work, that’s the way I wage war against the wondrous material.

My crazy conspiracy of coffee is here, and the need for energy has never been more clear. There is nothing like sitting down at your desk and staring at a screen with squinty crusty crumbling eyeballs. This is what worked for me. Depending on the day I might start with a stretch, or a run, or a handstand at best, then I’d down a good roast of the coffee divine, and off to the races my eyeballs and I. Coffee, you see, is an inhibitor of chemicals, and the energy you gain is simply a lack, so when you run or stretch or a handstand at best, then the coffee blocks the chemicals which bring you back down to rest. 

These are a few key components which I’ve learned through the complexity of class. I hope they are useful to my fellow students and humans. If you work hard at a task you can’t be disappointed, and when you give yourself a goal your signing up for a gamble. Enjoy the journey in this jumbling jamboree and you might just find something worth it for thee.

Hustle it up!

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