A Late Night Post

I apologize for the late night post, I spent the morning working on some other mysterious work which may be released at some point. 

I’d like to share something which Victor Frankl wrote about. Frankl was a psychiatrist and a prisoner in Auschwitz for 3 years. He observed the prisoners throughout his time as camp doctor which led to his foundation of “Logotherapy”, or meaning based therapy.

Frankl made the observation that the prisoners who survived the horrors of Auschwitz did so by positing a future which was worth living for. He noticed the strength which came with transcending one’s current position in order strive after something better. 

Frankl gave this suggestion for imagining the life which you would want to live – “Imagine all the ways in which you would live differently if this was your second time around in life. Now live that second round right now.”

The serious contemplation of this proposition lead people to understand how to make their lives meaningful and worthwhile. 

Hustle it up!

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