An individual or collective inner reality?

It seems we have both an inner reality and the outer reality. Subjective and Objective. Yet, the objective is perceived subjectively. How would you explain to the bees that the flowers they see are yellow, when they only see blue? How can we be so sure that they are in fact yellow, and not another colour? Perhaps we are wrong as well, or perhaps we are both right?

Perhaps it’s not about who is right and who is wrong. Perhaps it is about creating a reality in which you would like to live.

Why is this idea so frowned upon? Why is this idea, creating your own inner reality which is rich and beautiful (or whatever you want it to be) considered to be dangerous? Well, I think it is because we have all know what human beings are capable of, all you have to do is read some history of the 20th century to find out the horrors that encapsulated the human race. Human beings have destructive tendencies, you only have to let your imagination go into that “dark place” for a moment to find out what you’re capable of. It is terrifying. If we were to give people free reign to create their own inner world, just what would they create? We know that there are people like Hitler who were willing to annihilate an entire race in order to bring forth the vision inside his imagination. And he got A LOT of people to tag along.

I’m not sure what would happen if free reign was given. Free reign was given once before and unbelievable catastrophes ensued, millions of people died. What negative repercussions are we still suffering from a loss of a collective moral standard, a collective inner reality?

Something to think about.

Hustle it up!

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