Attitudes and Outcomes

Why is the Western mentality of killing ourselves and working for status and glory so ineffective in the long run? Because if one does not enjoy what one is doing and they’re only doing it for the sake of something else, when one achieves the thing that they want there is a nonzero chance that the person will wake up one day and say I’m not going to do this anymore. That non-zero chance, given enough time, will enivitably prevail.

On the other hand, if one enjoys the journey and enjoys what they’re doing everyday there is a non-zero chance that they will, one day, given enough time, succeed and break through to a new level of expertise. And they will have a wonderful time doing so. The success will inevitably happen given enough time just like failure and quiting is inevitable for the person drudging through their work.

Our success and fail failure in the long run is dependent on our internal attitude. Like a sniper, one must pay attention to the long term trajectory of their aim. There is a deep connection between our external success and internal mental state and when one’s mental state is focused on becoming stronger enjoying the process and enjoying their time then success becomes something that is inevitable. But, if one’s internal state is wrapped around pain and sacrifice and negative emotion then there becomes an inevitability of failure and giving up.

Hustle it up!

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