Conscious Awareness and Feedback

Apparently, as per the cognitive scientists, you can thread a minuscule wire into a single neuron of the human brain and attach it to a light, and a person can learn to activate and control that light. This means that a human being can learn to control their body down to a single neuron… Whoa.

I don’t exactly know what to make of that. Something which came to mind, and I’ll try and figure out why here, is the existence of the metaphysical reality. The precise reason why we are able to control the body down to a single neuron is a combination of feedback and conscious awareness. When we create feedback loops, it tells us what we are doing wrong and when we are doing something right. This is one of the reason why sports are so attractive, the games are mini life circumstances, and we get immediate feedback from the game, and we can tell if we are doing things right or wrong, and we know what is right or wrong even if we don’t understand exactly what we are doing. 

There is tremendous power in conscious awareness and feedback, when we receive bad feedback, hopefully we can adjust things and re input something better, and the cyclical process spirals upwards. 

Hustle it up!

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