Contingent Superorganisms

An interesting phenomenon goes on when a person begins to break through into the top of a hierarchy. You’ve probably observed this in some of your favourite celebrities, or favourite athletes. As people break into the top of hierarchies they become better people. They become willing to sacrifice for the hierarchy itself. So, why are people at the top so good? Did they get there by being good? Or are they good because they are protecting the hierarchy?

We can observe this in any almost any hierarchy. People who dominate a specific sport for a long period of time often stick around an continue to contribute long after their careers are done, they want to see their sport grow and flourish into something greater. We observe people who don’t have great sportsmanship, who we might not necessarily respect due to their scrappy or disrespectful style of play, become better and better people as they reach the top of the hierarchy. We also observe an interesting phenomenon when watching athletes who stay at the top of their current dominance hierarchy throughout their careers. Maybe they are at the top of their age category, then at the top of their province, then country, then the world. Federer is an excellent example of this, he is often perceived as a “class act” and a “great guy” (which I’m not disputing this, I like Federer as much as you), but he has also maintained a steady position at the top of his hierarchy for almost his entire career. The only time his character was questioned was in the beginning stages of his professional career.

So this is quite interesting, and it can be observed in almost any hierarchy. Often times when this isn’t the case, for instance when a boss really annoys us due to a disrespectful and condescending attitude, it is due to the fact that they perceive themselves in a different hierarchy, maybe compared to other companies or higher up bosses in their own company.

These people at the top of hierarchies are often thought of as superhumans (or superorganisms), always doing the best work, making the right decisions, helping others etc. But is it that their superorganismness is contingent on the fact that they are at the top of a specific hierarchy? If that is the case, could we find a hierarchy to place ourselves in order to help ourselves become better people?

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