Cricket Club Pro-Am Final

The crowd was packed, beers in hand, bets placed. My partner and I warmed up to the Rocky classic Eye of the Tiger. The two of us were thrilled to be in the finals. Our opponents were the notorious Deratney cousins, who swept the semi-finalists under the rug with a 3-0 win, that’s tough to do in a pro-am.

The match was pretty tight the entire way through. We would get a big string of points, then they would follow suit and vice versa. It all came down to a big game 5. We went up 7-3 in the 5th when we started to tighten up as the end came close. The rest of the game was dominated by winners and tinners by the cousins. Unfortunately for us, the winners couldn’t be stopped, drop after nick after drop flowed from the cousins and we lost the 5th 15-13.

Overall it was a great tournament, I love the atmosphere at the Cricket Club. The stands are always full, people are always engaged and cheering, and people always love to socialize after the match. It certainly makes a big difference for incentivizing future events. The more fun people have, the more they want to contribute in the future and grow the event.

It’s great that we have all these pro am events around the city. It’s been a great edition to the sport in Toronto, and hopefully there are many more to come.

Hustle it up!

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