Day 1 done

Well gang, I finished my first day of school! I nice 5 hours of lectures, wrapping up at 9PM. Luckily my later course was compelling enough for me to apply my attention the full 3 hours… wow! It was so cool!

I had a bunch of exciting experiences on my first day. I made some new friends, made it on the leaderboards in my Psych class, and my C.G. Jung professor is awesome enough to encourage auditing the course. So fun, so fun.

I made a buddy in each of my classes yesterday, a psych bud and a Jung bud. My psych bud was a bit timid, reserved fellow, didn’t say too much, seemed quite nervous, but he was straight out of high school. I’m sure going from a class of 25 people to 1500 was quite a shocker. Me and my Jung bud got along swell, he seems pretty cool! He took a bunch of time off before heading back to school, worked for CBC for awhile (pretty cool!), so he is the same age as my wonderful wife, 27. We’re both studying psychology, we may both be doing a double major in Psych and English if I don’t get into the Psych specialist program.

In my psych class, we had a giant true and false quiz which was done in a neat techy way. The prof made us all sign into a website on our phones or laptops, then we all followed along on the screen answering true/false questions. It even had a point system and leaderboards! Turns out all my psychology article perusing has paid off and I landed myself in 5th place, earning a spot on the big screen! The class got a kick out of the nickname I gave myself when it popped up – “5th Place – Squashua!” I had a good giggle to myself, making a class of 1500 laugh was satisfying.

My Jung course was everything I imagined plus more! I’ve never been so gripped by reviewing a syllabus, albeit for 3 hours! I’m sure I’ll have lots to tell you throughout the year, the 2 kickers that really made this course go above and beyond your regular university course was, 1. We’re actually going to socialize as a group, meaning we will have some events, go for wine, and have a party at the end of the year together and 2. The prof encouraged people to bring others (as long as there were enough seats), amazing right! Wifey is going to tag along when she can :).

It was definitely my best first day of school yet, and I’m excited to tell you guys all about it as we go through the year.

Hustle it up!

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