I am looking to raise $1000 for the 2017 September – December season to help pay for travel and living costs. Any donation allows me to commit more to the sport I love and usher my focus onto training and building Squash in Canada.

I am currently ranked 220 in the PSA world rankings out of over 600 players. My current goal this year is to be a top 100 player by the end of the season.

My journey of being a squash player has taught me so much about myself, such as the ability to press on regardless of the burdensome nature of the work, and the incredible capabilities of the human body. I spent over 2 years preparing for the PSA world tour training under Gary Waite (former world number 11) and David Palmer (former world number 1). I gained immense knowledge of my sport and person. To get to where I am now I have received so much support and encouragement from my wife, family and friends. The journey has been hard, but satisfying, especially during times of intense training with marginal gains. Now I have been training even harder, and smarter, and am looking for the opportunity to really sink my teeth into the sport I love, to commit all I know I am capable of, and to inspire all who watch and follow.

I would not like to pressure anyone into financial support. So feel no obligation to donate to my cause, but if you do feel inclined and want to support my efforts your charity is greatly appreciated! By contributing you will play a vital role in the accomplishment of my current goals, but also contribute to the growth of this great sport!

If you feel disinclined to donate because you do not know where the money is going please email me directly and I will make sure you know exactly what it is being spent on. Mainly living, training and travelling costs.

DonateĀ here.