Doubles Match

We had a tough match against the top seeds this weekend. Lost in 3 games. It’s tricky to know exactly what to pay attention to, but you can only work on one thing at any given moment. Hoping to keep working on getting stronger, staying fit and hitting more accurate. In singles I’ve found the best way for me to win is to start in an area I can control and slowly expand that comfort into the rest of the court. In doubles it seems that chaos reigns. It is a matter of controlling the chaos, the ball is faster, there are more variables than a person can hold in their conscious awareness, so what do you narrow your attention on in any given moment?

The best solution I can think of is to get better at one aspect of the game at a time. Working specifically on one skill until it feels really good, then moving onto the next. Onwards and upwards.

Hustle it up!

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