What if, instead of having our moms and dads move into a home when they are 80 years old, we had them live with us? Or what if we lived with them? They could still contribute, they could still cook and laugh and crack good ol’ jokes, and they would get to spend the later part of their years with family!

This is the way it used to be. There were no elderly communities, there were tribes, and in tribes there were babies, kids, adolescents, adults, and elders. The elders were wise, they knew all the tricks and tips to figure out the world if needed for advise, they were good company, they knew all the best jokes, they were a joy to be around I’m sure… and if they weren’t a joy, they would probably pay for it by being socially avoided.

Why do we think things have to work a certain way? Why can’t we just make them better? Well, of course, if something doesn’t make sense, you could just fix it.

Hustle it up!

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