For the good.

“Good” has proven to be a bit of a fuzzy word. It’s certainly difficult to pin down. The classical understanding of good was this: that which aids and facilitates something becoming what it is. So water is “good” for plants because it allows them to grow and bear fruit. A book is “good” because it gives us knowledge which can increase the potential of a human being. A piano is “good” for any pianist because it allows them to be what they are. What is good is a tricky thing to understand, but one thing is certain, it is there and it isn’t to be dismissed.

The good, that which facilitates becoming, is a category created in our minds when we set ourselves a goal. Each of us has specific individual goals, but we may also share archetypal goals as human beings, as living organisms. Things like survival, health, and fulfillment seem to all be archetypal goals. What are the things which aid these fundamental goals? This is when things become individualized and we must all ask ourselves “what would be good?”

This is the reason why “good” is so fuzzy, because it is relevant on multiple levels. One cannot pin down a concrete understanding of “good” because what is good for one human may be fatal for the next. Yet there are still universal good things, water is a good one, good luck trying to survive without it.

So aiming at the good is a personal journey, with implications for all man-mind. We all get to benefit from witnessing someone fully realizing themselves becoming what they are. Witnessing someone make the potential which lies within real, it inspires, it calls us out to pursue something greater. The heroes of our times, the ones who have transformed the potential into reality, stir up the soul of each of us. It’s not a good idea to look at heroes and think “there is no way I could do that”, but instead ask ourselves “how could I be heroic in the situation I am currently in right now?” The path of the hero brings about the good.

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