Form Matters

Form matters. How something is said directly correlates to how something is perceived. A pleasurable sentence can bring about a scintillating experience. A poorly formed sentence be annoying to reed.

You can really jerk people around by changing your word choice throughout a conversation. You may be trying to say something beautiful, so you play the poet, next, you are trying to be stern, so you deaden your voice.

Just go ahead and tell your dog to stop biting your neighbours pant leg in a poetic voice. Or just try and get a dog to play with you in an angry aggressive tone.

Form seems to carry meaning on a different level of reality. How something is said is perceived unconsciously. It is first perceived and reacted to, then it is understood and analyzed. Art works in this very same way, it moves you and grips you long before you know why.

Hustle it up!

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