Freedom and Contribution

I have a theory that goes: doing what you want to do enables you to do the things you need to do. Because I can do x, y, z I am willing to do W. It’s almost like capitalism runs on the assumption that everybody has a price. There is an oscillation between freedom and willful bondage. You may do the things which society demands of you, but only because it allows you to live how you want to live.

The more that you want the harder that you will work. Say you want a nice car, a big house, a vacation home, a nice boat, well you better get to work Dr.Dan. But what if you don’t want a whole lot? A little house, friends, family, food, squash, a decent job where you can feel like you are contributing but it isn’t your main priority?

It works both ways. We contribute to be free, and because we are free, we contribute.

Hustle it up!

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