Freedom Loves Confinement

My parents dog, Mocha, has recently discovered she can scale the 6′ fence designed to provide a nice space for her to exercise in. After many afternoons scouring the neighbourhood for the mysteriously disappearing dog, Mocha can no longer go in the nice green space without strict supervision or a leash.

Mocha is learning a valuable lesson. Striving after freedom itself often results in a lack thereof. There are some rules in place that are designed to help, to provide structure, and improve our experience.

The freedom paradox can be seen in all areas of life. The convicts who attempt to gain financial freedom by stealing become incarcerated. The athlete who cheats gets all his medals stripped away. The investment bankers who lie are imprisoned for fraud. Those who seek to break rules which are in place to improve the game quickly discover that “freedom” is truly confinement in disguise.

Identifying the rules which are actually beneficial is useful for understanding the most enjoyable way to play a game.

Maybe one day Mocha will learn to use her green space in a manner that doesn’t involve adding to her confinement.

Hustle it up!

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