Harnessing Moods

We know that positive emotion promotes creativity, risk taking, and an overall broader perview, and we know negative emotion promotes narrowing attention, finely detailed focus, and withdrawal. These two modes of being are constantly in flux. If we know how to harness these emotional states we may be able to to work more effectively and improve our work and lives.

Given these two states, positive and negative, we can choose what to focus on at any given moment. When we are in a positive mood, we may prefer to do more creative work, or brainstorm for potential opportunities. When we are in a negative mood, we can choose to focus on fine details, or past mistakes which need resolution.

While harnessing these emotional states and brain functionality we will undoubtedly drift from positive to negative. This drifting is actually ideal. When you are in a negative mood and start to solve those detail oriented tasks, you will begin to experience positive emotion as a reward. When this happens, it’s essential to transition into a more creative task, or brainstorm broader possibilities. If we don’t transition between the ideal tasks for each emotional state, we may experience frustration with the results we produce. This deterministic method of work, for instance people who insist they are “only detail oriented”, will drift between frustrated and productive states, without experiencing the increased functionality from the positive and negative emotion. The person who can fluidly move between broader progress and creativity, and fine details, is the person who will become the most productive overall.

Hustle it up!

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