“He who has a why can bare almost any how”

The title is one of Nietzsche’s most famous lines, and it’s true. Anyone can attest to this, when one has sufficient incentive there isn’t a whole lot of that a human being can’t do.

The tricky part is finding your why. Why do anything? Things are complex, the western world involves a lot of acting, what may appear to you as worthwhile may appear to someone else as worthless. That’s a hard thing to wrestle with. There are parents that think education is a waste of time, and then there are parents that think education is the only way to a good career. In almost any scenario you will find someone that disagrees with your lifestyle. The solution then, can’t be to do what other people think you should do, it must be something that you are intrinsically drawn towards. Intrinsic value is what drives people forward regardless of the outside voices and circumstance.

What brings you value? What pursuit would fill you with life? Only you can find out.

Hustle it up!

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