Identity and Stories

We have a need to protect our identities. Often we are willing to continue with pathologies in order to protect our identities. We think of ourselves in terms of stories. I’m so and so, who does this, never does that, I’m going after this. We talk to ourselves as if we are another person, most likely due to the fact that we are social creatures. The “I” which we refer to, is being referred to by something else, as that is the definition of reference, there must be something else which is the referer.

The story we weave about ourselves is important. It creates the reality which we live in. I think this is the reason why stories are so important to humans, why we are willing to spend billions of dollars creating them. A good story is good because it enriches our reality. People are incredibly informed about stories today, we are constantly engrossed in them. We know what a good story looks like, and we strive every day to create our own. Every individual is the centre of their own story, their story is about them.

It is crazy to think about the fact that there are billions of stories going on where everyone is simultaneously the protagonist. There is no one protagonist, it is merely a matter of perspective.

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