The tricky part about regret is that it’s unavoidable. Every decision that you make is merely 1 out of an almost infinite amount of possibilities. People who sacrifice a career to have children may regret not pursuing their dream, people who sacrifice having children for having a career may regret not having children. The possibilities are endless. Every decision you make comes with a mass of withering possibility, and dwelling on that lost potential can end up in bitterness and anxiety.

In the world we live in, every door you walk through marks the simultaneous closing of various other doors. The hard part is, as we progress through life these regrets pile up because the decisions we make also pile up. There is no getting rid of regret, of the lost potential, it is a reality of life.

As someone who is constantly dreaming up new realities in my mind, understanding that making a decision always means closing a bunch of doors helps. Because I know that pursuing what is in front of me will make a difference and loving those who are in front of me will make a difference RIGHT NOW. All those lost potentials are vain dreams in the wind, and the reality that is in front of me is what matters. There will always be the vast potential of the future and the concrete nature of the past, there will always be dreams and regrets. The trick is not getting bogged down by this psychological habit but accepting it as a part of life. Regret is meant to shed light on your current circumstance, not drag you into a negative downward spiral. I could of been… should have been… etc etc. May be a distraction from the work and people in front of you right now.

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