Story of my life

We live in stories. We watch, write, read, listen to, engage with, stories, all the time. We invest billions of dollars into stories every year. There are people whose life pursuit is to create well crafted lies, and the public will pay millions for these stories. It’s because stories are the life nectar of all mankind.

Our western civilization is based on a grand narrative, a moral conglomerate of Christianity, Catholicism, Patriotism, individualism etc etc These stories, the bible, the literature, the poems and plays, all preceded any of this. First there was the story, then there was us. The story of the bible and Christ has moved people to create cathedrals that took 300 years to build! Thousands of civilians across a half dozen generations slaved away because they believed in the story. There is unbelievable power in our stories.

You’re telling yourself a story write now, maybe you’re a person whose attention happened to be peaked by the title of this blog. Maybe you think you aren’t happy that you perused facebook for as long as you did. Maybe the story which you would like to inhabit is not one where you spend hours looking at your phone peaking into other peoples stories. But those other people’s stories are so intriguing! Why!? We talk to ourselves like we are telling a story, or we are a character in a story, it is literally the language we think in, it’s how we understand the world!

What kind of story would you like to weave for yourself? What perspective? What metaphysics? What grand narrative are you the character of? Or what tragedy are you weaving yourself into? What is real is basically as far as our stories can go. In terms of myself, what I can conceive of as real is merely the story that I tell to myself and about myself to other people. That’s as real as I can get! That’s not to say that that isn’t powerful. People will sacrifice everything for a good story.

Hustle it up!

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