Synchronized World

And the clock ticks, billions watch, every day. As Gulliver travels to the fantastical land of Lilliput, filled with tiny squeaky voiced rationalists, they discover on the man-mountain’s person a watch. They are struck by it’s incredible transparent glass and the motion of the hands. They conclude that it is either some type of animal, or the God which he worships. They conclude that it is likely the latter, for he does not do anything without consulting this Oracle.

We are not so different from Gulliver. We watch and we race and we worship the time, bending ourselves to it’s every whim. The system of time which we have created is driving us into the ground. Every conversation, every exchange, every travel, we ask ourselves ‘how much’? How much time is this going to cost me, how many seconds, how many minutes? How quickly can I get this done? How fast will this train take me there? No, that’s too much time. That’s not enough. That’s reasonable but something will surely come up, I’ll have to cancel some other appointments. How fast can you run a mile? How many words per minute can you read? How much time is this book going to take me? How long will it take me to get to work? How long to get to my friend’s place? Oh, that’s too long… Let’s set a date and time, you better be there at that time or else…

What if I told you our minds don’t function according to the minute-hand? We aren’t computers processing things linearly, we’re dynamic and free-flowing in our thoughts, constantly juggling pieces of information in our working memory, putting together novel and compelling ideas. You could be thinking about snails, and then your family, and then Ferraris, and then the new book you want.

The clock ticks, the constancy never changes, and yet, we are constantly changing. Every person has their own unique pace of getting things done, which is variable to their current situation. For each of us to live our best lives, and to do our best work, we may need a little bit more, or less, time. But we cannot be free from time, from the race, until we set up things in our lives where we don’t have to look at the clock. This could mean setting up your day so that you minimize your clock worship and giving yourself the opportunity to freely go about your tasks.

That probably sounds ridiculous in the world we live in now, but ask yourself this – what would you do if you didn’t have the shackles you have on you? What would you do without the constraint of time? What journeys do you want to take? What career do you want to pursue? Which friends do you want to see? What book do you want to read? What to you seems compelling and worthwhile? And what if you had an infinite amount of time? Because without the ticking clock, without the countdowns, without the new years’ paloozas, without the worship of the clock, that’s what you have, complete freedom to go on the adventures which you want to go on.

Hustle it up!

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