The Brothers Karamazov Final Trial

The purpose of the trial parallels the purpose of the story of the Grand Inquisitor, Ivan’s intellect is astounding and strong, and the case he makes against Christianity is irrefutable by Alyosha, yet in the end Alyosha is triumphant, he remains the better of the two, simply because he strives after the good when Ivan sees no ultimate purpose in his suffering. The case functions in a similar fashion, the argument for Dmitri Karamazov is weak at best, yet it is the truth, and despite the seemingly mountainous amount of evidence against Dmitri, he is innocent and deserves freedom. The trial’s purpose is to point out the inadequacy of the intellect, it is not always the case that a perspective is true because of the apparent evidence, there are times when the truth lies outside of our vision, and we cannot accept a perspective simply because of apparent, but not definitive, evidence.

The above is the an exerpt from the essay I’m currently writing, a little lazy I know, but I don’t have a lot of time on my hands today. I’m hoping to get back to writing in the early mornings again after this semester is done.

The point of the exerpt is that sometimes the truth lies in a mountain of doubt, and possibilities don’t deserve to be extinguished in the face of apparent evidence and not conclusive evidence, especially important ones like the fate of an individual.

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