The Magic at Our Fingertips

Many people have lost the magic of life. Being human gives us access to an aesthetic realm that is absolutely magical when you think about it. We care so deeply about how things look, sound, taste, smell and feel. We are deeply moved by the aesthetic realm, and we still barely understand why. The aesthetic instinct is magic and hopefully, it stays that way.

The right coordination of colours can bring us to tears, the proper orchestration of vibrations in the air can make us move in mysterious ways. A pleasantly structured sentence can invoke the most genuine smile.

There was a time in everyone’s life when they were completely immersed in the aesthetic realm, that time is childhood. When we are ignorant of the world, all we have is our aesthetic judgment. We are left in the fantastical world of imagination and aesthetics. Just think back to your first movie, your first time hearing music, or the first landscape you remember, I guarantee there is something wonderful and awe-inspiring in those memories.

We cannot lose our aesthetic realm in facts and knowledge and boredom. We must continually seek out new ways to enhance the realm of magic which lies at our fingertips. The aesthetic realm is absolutely fundamental to life, and yet, we still don’t know why, and isn’t that wonderful?

Hustle it up!

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