The price of truth is uncertainty

Being honest usually means admitting that we’re wrong, that there’s a better way, or a better guess. The price you pay for becoming a truth seeker is uncertainty, because there is so many things we cannot know.

Even the things which seem correct could be proven wrong tomorrow. Newtons law stood for hundreds of years before a better explanation of our physics was proposed by Einstein.

It is incredible that truths can last so long. But it almost seems like every fact has its half-life, and will one day be replaced by something more accurate.

The anxiety of uncertainty is burdensome, but rigidity results in an inevitable break. Bending, moulding, adapting to novelty has always been the way of life. The animals which can adapt survive, but the tree which has grown so large that it cannot manage to change surely dies.

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  1. Your article helped me solve a tough Sudoku I was stuck on for hours Josh. I look forward to telling you about it.

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