I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I just think it’s extremely interesting. It’s a theory of time that proposes that there is no “present” moment. The theory proposes this because we cannot mathematically determine a moment as the present, this is due to the fact that we can forever divide what we conceive as a moment. In order to determine a moment you must slice up time into an amount. The problem is that the amount, say 1 second, or half a second, or a quarter second etc, can be infinitely divided. This makes determining the present moment impossible, it is both here perceptually for us, and yet not here in reality.

An alternative view of time is proposed in acknowledgment of this fact, and it is a view of time that is non-linear. We perceive time as unidimensional, like a point on a line graph moving through space moment by moment. But what if there is no present moment? The alternative is to conceive of time as multidimensional, that is to say, there is no linear progression. Time can move around the same way matter can move around, it is dynamic and free-flowing. This means that there is no reason at all that time, in reality, must proceed as we perceive it. We can exist in one moment, and not exist in the next, in reality, maybe I am fishing with my grandson and also crying to my mom for more milk.

The universe is a strange place, and the more we poke and prod around the more we are learning just how little we know, each revelation in physics has taught that things are not as they seem, and we ought to be aware of this fact.

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