The psychological phenomenon known as transference occurs when a person transfers their psychological needs onto another person. You can observe transference all over the place once you understand it. A parent is a transference object for a child, a political leader is a transference object for a nation, a celebrity is a transference object for their fans, a therapist is a transference object for their client.

With our grandiose imaginations, our psychological needs can be far grander than a less symbolically inclined animal. One of the reasons for the aggrandizing of celebrities, political leaders, and other popular figures is that they are carrying the psychological burden of millions. We witness nations fall into despair when an effective transference object retires, resigns or shows a fault.

So why this exaltation of the few in order to carry the burdens of many? Well, we need it. As much as we can imagine ourselves taking on the world, leading ourselves to a glorious mythical victory through life, we just can’t do it all. We can’t be doctors, world class athletes, lawyers, astronauts and superman all at once. We are defined by our limitations. Thus, in order to extend our potential outside of ourselves and satisfy our incredibly demanding cognitive force, we transfer our unfulfilled wishes onto other objects, and it works.

The successes of the world carry us forward in our own heroic duty. Imagine if we felt like everything was on us? We would go insane at the thought of our own inadequacy. Transference is one of the powerful tools of social creatures, and we need it.

Hustle it up!

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