Treading the path

There is something I profoundly admire about Nietzsche, Jung, Christ and a few others that I’ve seen. It’s that there is no disconnect between what they said and their life. Their life is what they said. As if they were speaking from the core of their being, anything that they said could not help but be themselves actualized. 

That really is remarkable. Usually, we only see glimpses of this phenomenon when someone is being vulnerable, or having some sort of crisis, or in the perfect setting where all things align for them to speak wholeheartedly. 

I think alignment really is a good way to picture it. You can imagine that there is a path that runs from your heart to your head. And everything you do affects that path. Maybe we want to aim for discovery first, to simply understand that the path exists and that we are capable of speaking “from the heart”. Then maybe we can start to tread more often with our family and friends. Then we can pave the path for others, and we can get all sorts of people using it, and they will! Because if you’ve ever run into someone with a clear connection between their head and heart you’ll notice that they are profoundly useful.

I’ve been amazed lately at how good things have turned out while trying to speak perfectly honestly. Time and time again I think things are going to go disastrously wrong, but it’s not the case, things go really well! So I guess we will see where it takes me…

Hustle it up 

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