Watch that which you cannot predict.

Keep your eye on the thing that moves. A mighty lesson I learned in squash – if you cannot control the variables that move around, your chances of winning are substantially lower. Having a clear image of the ball and a good understanding of your opponent are essential to discovering a winning strategy. If you have a clear image of the ball it will tell you how to control it. This is the first step to understanding how to control the independent variable. I learned yesterday that there is an independent variable outside the court, and it’s us. 

We can predict the trajectory of the Earth and the planets, we can predict, down to a nanosecond, the exact moment when the universe began by tracking matter to its origin, we can predict the behaviours of animals because of their specific nature and experience. All these things function according to very specific rules which can be understood by the conscious mind. But, we are the thing that moves around, and we are the thing that we do not understand. We are the thing that need to be watched, because we cannot predict ourselves. 

I can understand the stress which the ancients put on deep inward reflection via meditation, prayer, and conversation. Socrates said that there was nothing more important than daily conversation about human development, Christ is often seen to withdraw into solitude for prayer, and the Buddha no doubt meditated for many many hours. These great figures certainly appear to have had control of their lives.

If there is any hope for control in our own lives, it is through paying  very close attention to our personal condition. There are motives and powers at play in our own minds, and if we do not bring awareness to them through honesty and humility than we are doomed to be controlled by them.

Keep your eye on the thing that moves.

Hustle it up!

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