With a good heart and an open mind, there are no wrong paths. Each path is simply an act of formation or refinement, to grow your understanding and prepare you for the next adventure.

Possession and Position

There is a reason why every marketer says to “understand your audience”. That reason is because your audience determines the value of your product. An object’s affective valence, the emotional/motivational significance which an object possesses, is based on the subject’s desired/fearful future, their heaven or hell, if you will. A person’s world, their interpretive structure, …

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Affective Valence

Valence, as used in Psychology, is an objects intrinsic attractiveness/”good”-ness or averseness/”bad”-ness. All things have a good, bad, or indifferent valence. Affect, as used in Psychology, is a concept used to describe the experience of feeling or emotion. Affective valence refers to the emotional/motivational significance of an object. A growling lion, crouching in position about …

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