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Hey all, I know I have been posting very infrequently lately so I wanted to give you an update. I have launched 3 online companies and 1 baby in the past 2 months. These projects have been eating up most of my time, leaving little time for daydreaming and interesting blog posts. The nice thing about Hustle It Up is that it’s adaptable. I’d like to get back to writing in order to help me think and update anyone who is interested in my journey, although the content may shift slightly as my interests have shifted.

My plan is to pursue business as a means to achieving my dream of being around for my wife, child, friends and family. I believe there is a way to create sustainable, automated, and self-improving companies, and each day I learn a little bit more about how to make my dream possible.

The journey of creating several online businesses has been exciting, fascinating, and super fun. I didn’t realize I had a latent capacity to work like a mad man. I estimate I’ve already put about 900 hours of work into these projects in just 2 months. And doing it all with the insight of my wife, and the motivation of my son Ivern has truly been awesome. I don’t consider myself a naturally conscientious person. But it seems when you are passionate about something there is no need for discipline, it’s not really a matter of will.

I hope to share the most valuable lessons I learn along this journey. And I hope everyone who reads Hustle It Up will enjoy and benefit from my work.

Hustle it up!

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