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So, you’ve given yourself a goal, but you can’t seem to organize things so that your pesky habits won’t thwart your every attempt. You want to stop snacking at night, but the popcorn is just so good, and the habit is so ingrained that you find yourself eating it before you even realize. How do you fix a bad habit? Replace it with a new one. And if setting up incentive initiative statements such as “if I do X, then I will do Y” is not enough, then I’ve got the apps for you.

I use both Beeminder and Habitica to help me keep good habits, and break bad ones. If you are a gamer, then Habitica might be the one for you, it involves “gamifying” your life. When you sign up, you’ll get a lowly character which you must level up and gear up in order to fight off horrible monsters, but how? By building good habits and achieving your goals! Habitica is taking the compelling elements of games and turning them into real life! If you enjoy slaying monsters, but you can’t afford the time off work, why not slay them by doing work?? I’ve found Habitica super fun, I’ve been playing with my wonderful wife for the past week or so, we are almost level 4 and we have both been keeping the house in order and working hard on our goals!

If you are looking for another way to build or break habits, Beeminder is a solid incentiviser. The app works by pledging money towards breaking a habit. Say you want to start running 3 times a week, but you just don’t have any motivation, while now you will with Beeminder. You can set yourself a schedule, and if you stick to it, you will see your progress marching up and up, you will see your statistics grow and your fitness flourish. But, if you break your schedule, you are in danger of losing whatever money you pledge. The Beeminder app was crucial to the development of this blog. Everyday I woke up at 5 am, posted by 6 am, and updated my progress by 6:05. I watched as my blog posts amassed and I know sit at over 300! There was no way I was losing that money!

Cultivating good habits is tedious, not everyone has the excess mental attention to stop ourselves, or prod ourselves, to do those extra good things daily. Technology is the luxury which can improve our lives by taking on the extra tasks which would otherwise pull our attention from important work. Little beeps and reminders on our phone, along with little incentive devices, can work wonders in the long term. Small accruing gains has been the scientifically proven method of making unbelievable progress.

Hustle it up!

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