Cooperatio Fin

Trends, are they valuable? Or are they useless? There are trends in everything, patterns that pop up for a while and then disappear. Clothing trends, academic trends, athletic training trends, dieting trends, etc. A trend disappears because it’s replaced with something better, or someone proves the trend to be false or no worthwhile. Society seems to latch onto a person, or a clothing line wholeheartedly, and then disengage. But what happens to the trend? Does it really disappear completely? Never.

When a trendy person, idea, clothing line etc. pops up, and it catches our attention, we go into investigation mode. We test the object in trend to determine its value. Society pours all of their souls into the refinement of the object in focus. The process of investigation is quite ruthless, society will bombard a trendy person with harsh comments, immense praise and fandom, testing their resilience and humility. People will spend thousands of dollars on a trending fashion line, completely revamp their wardrobe, only for it to go out of style a few months later. Scholars will invest years of their lives into a new theory only for it to be ruled out by another.

This refinement or testing process is what I call “cooperatio fin“, from the Latin word for “to work together” and the Old French word for “making perfect, of the highest quality.” Society works together to test the object which has caught all of our attention because that object is valuable. The question is, how valuable?

Once the trending object has been tested and refined, it does not disappear entirely, but it takes its rightful place within our culture. Those things which society considers classic and eternal are simply more valuable. Socrates is still quoted everywhere because of the unbelievable philosophy which he ushered into the western world. Shakespeare lives on because he basically created much of the English which we speak today.

Were Shakespeare and Socrates eternal gods, entirely perfect in every way? I’m sure there were people who acted like they were. And also those who acted like he was the devil. The Right and the Left, the conservers and the liberators, we need each other. I’m sure that there were people in the time periods of Shakespeare and Socrates that acted the same way which people act towards the latest clothing line, video game, politician etc. Mother nature will always continue to select.

But are not the silly trends which we think are so meaningless just as “eternal”? Is it not simply a matter of degree for the objects in trend? Was not Socrates once tested and scorned and mocked? But look at him now, he is permanently ingrained in humans. Are not Furbies and the Rubiks cube just as permanent? but to a lesser degree? Was not Shakespeare and Socrates once trends just like the latest clothing lines and philosophers?

I think the “meaningless trends” are just as eternal. They are simply put in their place via cooperatio fin. Collectively we create our own culture, we select and demand the very best from anything which claims to have value. Mother nature viciously progresses through time, integrating every new creation into its proper place. We are all subjects and partakers of the refinement process, we all must prove our worth in mother natures game.

Hustle it up!

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