Discipline Equals Freedom

This is a classic counterintuitive truth, the discipline equals freedom. I believe the idea initially stemmed from Nietzsche.

People often think freedom equals a lack of responsibility, similar to the freedom of a child who has everything he needs. People sometimes spend their whole lives chasing that childlike state where they can think, feel, say, do, anything they want whenever they want. The tricky part about being in a state like that is that it isn’t you in the driver’s seat. Being at the whim of your random thoughts and emotions is like riding a roller coaster blindfolded. When you come to grips with what is actually happening, it feels scary as hell. When you finally do something you thought you would never do, you wake up and realize that you’re out of control.

Real freedom looks like this, you see something, you know it would be good for you, and you do it. Real freedom looks like the ability to go after a goal without the tragedy of life getting in the way. It takes extreme discipline to show up day after day and be a wonderful husband, father, worker, boss, soldier, athlete etc. You have to set aside all of the mental and physical distractions and focus your mind on the task at hand, that takes discipline.

Contrary to popular belief, discipline equals freedom. If you want what is good for you, you need discipline, don’t shy away from the hard things of life, the responsibility may just free you.

Hustle it up!

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