Dreams Bigger than You Can Ever Imagine.

At the beginning of my favourite show, One Piece, Gold Roger, the King of the Pirates, lures men to the grand line by enticing them with the ultimate treasure. Countless pirates set sail to search for the entirety of Gold Rogers treasure, all of which he left in one place. This lure ussers in an era of people striving after an ultimatum so large they achieve above and beyond their wildest imaginations.

We all need such an ultimatum, Nietzsche gave us the ubermench, which you can think about as the incarnation of the process of by which we achieve excellence. The ubermench, or the overman, I’d the version of ourselves just above our current selves. Modern psychology has discovered that its the process, not the achievement, that gives us joy and meaning. The achievement of a long term goal comes with a euphoria that might last an hour, maybe a day. But the day to day joy of making progress, especially if the progress is enjoyable, gives by far the most long lasting satisfaction and positive emotion.

Gold Roger, the former King of the Pirates, gave inspiration for an entire generation to pursue strength itself. That’s what the power of the Overman has, an eternal process of transcendence and life lived to the fullest. Focusing on becoming stronger, more excellent, more full of gusto, with more friends and family, brings about a life that can never fail. A life that will allow us to achieve dreams that we never even could conceive of.

Focusing on who we are, what we can do with our strengths, and exercising this strength for the benefit of ourselves, family, friends and community is like striving after the ultimate treasure. The ultimate goal is not any specific thing, but the exercise of our strength and power everyday, wherever, however we can. The ultimate treasure is a life lived to its fullest potential.

Hustle it up!

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