Easter Sunday Post

Sorry for the delay! I spent the entire Easter Sunday celebrating with family. So this post is coming in a day late! Hope you enjoy this half gospel half psychological Easter celebration post.

Easter Sunday is about the resurrection of Christ, the Son of God, as the story goes. But what does the resurrection, “the cross”, mean in a universal sense? Well, you can interpret the literature psychologically to extend the meaning beyond a literal sense. The question becomes, what can we abstract out of this story, which has compelled the world since its inception?

The story of Christ is about sacrifice and transcendence, specifically through love, humility, and truth. A man lives a perfect life, sacrifices his life for what he believes to be true, all in order to transcend death. That is quite the story, but what does it mean?

God, as we believe him to be, is comprised of three characteristics, omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence. All knowing, all present, all powerful. God could be interpreted as the abstract representation of Truth. Truth by definition is all-knowing (omniscient), it can be found everywhere (omnipresent), and you can’t do anything with it (omnipotent).

What happens when you combine the ultimate sacrificial man with truth itself? You get the ultimate hero story, which transcends death and leads to life. Or maybe better thought of as the process of dying and coming back to life a new, better version of himself.

This psychological process of dying and resurrecting is the essential process of individual growth. The story of Christ laid the foundation of what would become a well functioning society, which in turn would lead to the cooperation which produced technological advancement beyond our wildest imagination.

It is important that we remember the moral principles that allowed us to flourish, especially as we become increasingly powerful thanks to technology.

Hustle it up!

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