Focusing on our Strengths

There is a subtle difference between focusing on our strengths and powers, vs thinking the end state we want to achieve is through some goal. When we focus on our strengths, the goals and aims we conceive of are filtered through that focus. Our goals might be loftier than if we merely thought about what we want. Attaining those goals might be more enjoyable, and achievable if we focus on our strengths.

Focusing on our strengths subtly shifts life from a series of goal attainments, where if we achieve x, y, z we will achieve fulfillment and happiness, to more of a process. Which could be a much more healthy lifestyle long term. A process mindset brought about through focusing on our strengths avoids the catastrophe of life failures. The common mindset of goal attainment sets life up as a game where we either win or lose. We can win, retire, and do nothing for the rest of our lives. Or we can lose, fail, and do nothing for the rest of our lives.

What stems from focusing on our strengths is an eternally adaptable goal process. When we set life up to focus on what we can do, what we are good at, then if we fail in our goals, a new goal will simply take its place. Our worth is not attached or relying on some specific achievement, but rather our worth is known beforehand, and the achievement simply helps us grow. The goal process is then an organic process, that comes from within us, not from other people, or culture, or popular opinion, but the goals come naturally from who we are, and what we can contribute.

Hustle it up!

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