Focusing on the Technical

The creative endeavour is a mysterious one, but the professional is not distracted by the mysterious.

Creativity is not something we effortfully produce, it is something that happens to us, thus creativity is not something we can consciously focus on, but rather something that we allow to happen.

Focusing on being creative is useless, focusing on what we can change and improve on is what matters. We are merely a vessel for the creative act, the muses inside of us, focusing on the technical provides the muses with a better tool to work with.

The technical is something concrete, we know we can work on it every day regardless of if we feel inspired. When we focus on the technical, we can show up every day and improve.

I think there is a balance to be struck between the particular and the creative. When we focus on the quality of each stroke instead of the quality of the grander image, it allows the muses inside you to sing. What will be created will be created, and it will be of the highest quality.

Hustle it up!

1 thought on “Focusing on the Technical”

  1. Good one! That’s exactly what compels me to practise the piano for hours on end! A possible gateway to something else

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