Dungeons and dragons and The Long Earth by Terry Pratchet with the wifey 🙂 Today was an adventure day, an adventure into D&D for the first time and into a new sci-fi with my wife. We went to the library and found an interesting read, then wizzed by Chapters to buy a second copy. It’s our first expedition into the fictional world together.

I’ve come to realized that I’m a wanderer, an adventurer, I don’t like to keep my feet in one place for too long. It’s kind of tough being interested in everything, no one direction seems appealing, although it does make for an aclectic and interesting journey. I often experience what I call Gradual Current Circumstance Discomfort or GCCD. GCCD tends to prod at my current direction as soon as I’m set. It takes a great deal of effort to maintain a single minded attitude for me. And I’ve always been like this, it doesn’t matter if I’m playing squash, or if I’m playing a video game. I need to do whatever I’m doing in a million different ways or else I die and completely lose all motivation to play. I guess that’s probably why Dungeons and dragons appealed to me, because you can literally play the game in an infinite number of ways, with no one way being the best.

Do you suffer from GCCD? How do you cope?

Hustle it up!

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