I just bought 20 books for school

That’s a lot of books! You want fries with that!?

I actually had a bunch of the books already, so it’s not like I had nothing. Luckily I’ve already read a couple of big ones, so I think I might actually make it. It will be an interesting 100 days anyways. I’ll be basically reading all day every day, it’ll be a good exercise to observe, and I will report on how my mind adapts and takes in the knowledge in such large volumes. My hope is that my mind increases its capacity to stay attentive because the mind operates¬†in the same way a muscle operates and grows with exercise.

Something I have observed is that people in university generally get sick of reading. Many of my friends have told me that by the time they finish university they are so done with reading that they have no interest whatsoever in picking up a book. That’s a bit sad, but I do understand. I feel like there may be 2 answers to this.

The first that they burn out, they’ve got nothing less and the reading required was not enjoyable but they were forced to do it anyways. It would be like the mind’s equivalent to shoveling coal for 4 years.¬†

The second is that not a lot of people like to read for pleasure… this is a reason a lot of people overlook. Reading is a laborious task and takes effort. When people are working 9-5 they probably don’t want to come home and stress their already fatigued brain. Now, also take into account that we’ve only been reading silently for the past 150 years or so. Before that, it was either impossible to read silently due to the script, or not a custom (instead they would read aloud, usually to others). This also offers a good indication of why audio and youtube are such popular mediums. We have been listening for a very very long time, and only recently have we taught ourselves to take in meaning through the medium of silent reading. I reckon it will take a while before we can actually get really good at it as a species.

So lots of reading to come, lots of learning, and I’m looking forward to sharing all I can with you.

Hustle it up!

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  1. I definitely got that thing where you are so sick of reading by the end of college that you can’t read for pleasure… it took almost 2 years before I started again!

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