Laughter as a Means of Transcending Hardship

Nietzsche imagined the inception of laughter occurring in a brutal victory of one brute over another. You can just imagine the man pounding his chest and jumping up and down with excitement over his victory. Nietzsche thought that laughter is more associated with superiority than joy.

If you think about the things we laugh about his conclusion holds true. Most things we laugh at are at the expense of another, and we often laugh the hardest when the boundaries are pushed the farthest. Most of the time we laugh it is an expression of superiority.

But laughter is not a bad thing, laughter is actually a means to an end, and that end is transcendence. Humour brings us beyond our situation and help us to look at things with a lighter heart. Laughter defuses tension and lets everyone know that there is more to life than the situation at hand.

Laughter, when used as a tool for transcending our hardships, can help us maintain a superior outlook on the situation. In any discussion, a little chuckle can diffuse tension, relax us, and help us to think things out more thoroughly.

The ability to laugh at oneself is an especially potent tool for transcendence. The master of anything is, was, and will be, a fool first.

Hustle it up!

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