Making things beautiful

You can make almost anything beautiful, an essay, a wardrobe, an office, a person, and car, and on and on. What is it a about beauty that leaves us staggered and intimidated? Well, when we see something beautiful our inadequacy is ruthlessly revealed. In the worst cases we become jealous and hateful towards beauty.

But what if the beauty is you? Or because of you? Then you simply live in the joy of the beauty, and you don’t critize others if you truly feel your potential has been actualized. Making things beautiful frees you up to enjoy more beautiful things. It’s no wonder that every artist that has become great has an immence reverence for all the other artists, even the early aspiring ones.

When something is beautiful, it makes everything that is not beautiful glow in bright red letters “fix me”. When we make something beautiful, we are shown the potential within us, and we can be intimidated by it and shy away, or we can become addicted. Suddenly the rest of the house, or the rest of the work, or the rest of the wardrobe, needs to live up to the new standard.

Beauty spreads more beauty. Start small, and become addicted.

Hustle it up!

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