Manufacturing the Perfect Moments

Everybody has those perfect moments that they will never forget. Maybe it’s walking along the beach with your family at sunset after a long day of surfing, or winning the championship of your house league baseball with your best friends. There is something about these perfect memories that make them special. We might step back and say, “wow that was awesome.”

Most of these moments are a matter of luck, the stars align and all the variables are in place to create something special. But what if you could manufacture these moments? What is a perfect moment anyways? It is simply the combination of all the necessary variables. A better question to ask when trying to produce perfection is what isn’t perfect?

Say your walking on the beach with a milkshake, the sun is setting, the waves are calm, there is a perfect breeze, and the only thing stopping you from having that perfect moment is that your feet hurt, or your shirts wet. Well, take off your shirt or stop walking and enjoy the moment!

There may be plenty of moments out there just a few variables away from perfection, we just have to have our eyes open to the potential. If you get all your ducks in a line, you may just add a wonderful memory to your character.

Hustle it up!

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