“Normal is the aim of the unsuccessful”

Sometimes the best thing for us to do is not rational. I’ve come across too many weird stories about people having seemingly strange thoughts or images appear to them, these people following these thoughts, and incredibly good things happening because of it. If you look into the literature about creative inspiration you’ll find an uncanny amount of instances where people have irrational images or thoughts appear to them and it turns out to be the key to unlocking their potential. Einstein spent hours in thought experiments imagining “surfing a light ray” or “walking off of a roof”. Stephen King creates all of his novels by sitting down and writing the story that merely appears before him. These works of creativity and ingenious logic both come from the same place… which is who the hell knows where.

Thoughts are weird. We sit here, and a thought appears to us… what does that even mean? Why that particular thought? Here is the big question for me, why do we act on some thoughts and not others? Is it because of cultural norms? Or fear? Acting on a thought that isn’t considered to be “normal” often comes with a lot of hesitancy.

Jung wrote this about normality “To be normal is the ideal aim of the unsuccessful.” But the unsuccessful in what? I think Jung would say that the individual who is unsuccessful in becoming the person which they want to become, not society or their family or anyone else but who they want to be. To be normal is thus to succumb to the mass idea of what a human ought to be. It is to suppress all other desires, goals, personal opinions except those accepted by society in some way. This always leads to neurotic behaviour says Jung, this repression always comes with the cost of destabilization in order to fit ourselves into the mould of “normal”, or at least what we perceive as normal.

There is one thing that we know for sure, and it’s that every successful person is profoundly their own. They do things their own way, they do which seems right to them, and they do it regardless of mass opinion. Maybe there is a person in you that is entirely different from who you think you ought to be in this society? Who knows.

Hustle it up!

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