Products of our environment

Humans, as products of this cosmos, function symbolically with an uncanny similarity to the physical laws which govern our universe. I can’t help but consider that when I am at rest, I want to stay at rest, and I’ll stay that way until something moves me. When I am moving, I want to keep moving. When I start becoming increasingly efficient, I start building momentum and start snowballing the efficiency into massive productive cycles. Then I usually become too large for myself to handle and I collapse into myself resulting in deep inward reflection for long periods of time, which reminds me of the way black holes are formed.

The way the mind bends itself around ideas reminds me of the way mass bends spacetime towards itself to create gravitational fields, pulling in all the objects around it. Einstein’s theory of relativity seems to shine through in every domain of human existence, we are constantly comparing ourselves to other reference frames, judging speed, height, width, productivity, accomplishment etc. Things seem slow, fast, tall, small all compared to our current circumstance or in comparison to another reference frame.

There is certainly something to be learned in the study of our universe about ourselves. Understanding how the universe puts itself together may reveal some deep insights into our own psychic phenomena, and understanding our own psyche may reveal some very interesting insights into how to look at the universe around us. Super interesting!

Hustle it up!

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