Sacrificing the Grand

Nietzsche criticized the audacity of philosophers and scientists of the past. One specific critique stood out to me, and is certainly worth noting, for it is this critique which burgeoned the great technological advances of the past 200 years. Nietzsche saw in the philosophers and scientists, a mistake of scope.

Philosophers and scientists before Nietzsche took upon themselves the whole of human knowledge as a puzzle to be solved. The mundane and particular were looked upon with contempt. Being itself was to be decoded and understood entirely, or at least, the deceptions which prevented us from understanding Being.

This mistake of scope was what prevented mankind from unimaginable growth. No one had thought that the answer to moving towards an understanding of Being, that is the totality of existence, would be to pay attention to the infinite particularity of our current circumstance.

Only when scientists and philosophers sacrificed their grandiosity were they able to conquer Polio, Gravitational Waves, Artificial Intelligence, and Black Holes. It turns out that the heroes who have furthered human progress are the ones who have accepted their smallness and dedicated themselves to the particular.

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