Sleep is for the strong

Fun sleep study! Mainly because I had a late night last night and am super sleep deprived. Thus, I must remind us all of how incredibly useful proper sleep can be.

There’s been a ton of studies done of the efficacy of proper sleep to enhance cognitive function, mood stability and overall health. One study in particular really stood out to me. It was done on a group of professional basketball and baseball players. Each athlete was required to sleep a full 10 hours each night, there sleep was carefully regulated to be sure they were asleep for the majority of the 10 hours. Within one week the athletes performed, on average, 10% better. That includes shot percentage, batting average, acurracy etc.

The amazing part is that these athletes are already doing so much to ensure peak performance, and the extra sleep still helped them.

Here is to a good nights sleep.

Hustle it up!

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