The 4 Steps of Commitment

#1 Attention

This one is easy… BLAH WAM POP!!!! LOOK HERE ARRRRGHH!!!!

#2 Interest

What in the world is going on? Why is Josh yelling at me? I’m trying to make a point. After attention comes interest. Interest is like dating, it’s exciting, nerve-racking, and full of expectation and anticipation. Stage 2 is where all your initial questions are answered, and where you try to weed out any red flags.

#3 Consideration

Okay, congrats on making it this far. This stage is all about the nitty-gritty details. This stage is the serious stage of a relationship, maybe things are ramping up and you’re really considering committing to a lifetime with this partner. What would you want to know? Here is where you want to remove all reasonable doubt. Every conceivable question must be answered here.

#4 Commitment

Will you marry me…? Commitment is the last psychological hurdle to overcome. Commitment is where we throw away our reservations and dive headfirst into full-blown let’s do this mode. This is where you plan the wedding and you spend thirty thousand dollars on a venue, decorations, food, dresses etc.

Commitment is a BIG deal. One thing to note is this process of commitment really does happen in stages. We have different psychological systems designed for these different tasks. We have our attentional filter for stage 1, our curiosity system for stage 2, our critical thinking system for stage 3, and our action system for stage 4. The point is we move from stage to stage in steps, not gradually.

The psychology of commitment happens in step-function changes, one tipping point after another, and you have to give a ton of care and effort into every stage. Messing up in any of the stages can result in an immediate see ya! And the further you get through the process, the more annoyed people are when they choose to leave. So be careful!

Hustle it up!

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