The Danger of Thinking Pt. 2

It is in an interesting proposition, that thinking could be dangerous, that reason could be detrimental. The trouble comes from the tools which allow us to reason.

When we make a personal decision, if we attempt to reason out the best outcome, the tools which we utilize are those given to us from our culture, our parents, our teachers, our language, country etc. It is possible, probably likely, that the tools which we use to reason, may not be for us.

You might be able to recall certain decisions which you had an instinctive answer for, but reasoned your way out of it, maybe you thought it wasn’t socially acceptable, or not appropriate for your family, or not right with your culture. Whatever the reason, thinking brought you further away from the decision you would have made if you had not been able to reason.

Reason, can take you away from, well, you.

Nietzsche thought that we feel meaning more than reason it out. Our lives feel meaningful when we are convinced they are so. And meaning is gained through our emotions, our passions, and our instincts, not any intellectual argument. Although intellectual arguments can give rise to an emotional response, and resonate deeply with us, the argument invokes our instincts and passions and makes our world meaningful. An well reasoned argument can produce the same meaning as love, art, athletic achievement, friendship etc.

We would never embrace the facility of reason to decide our favourite TV show, or decide what music to listen to on our trip to work, or what podcasts or YouTube videos to watch. We embrace our instincts in these settings, and for many, these entertainment outlets are more enjoyable than their work, or their family life, or home. We all love the aspects of our life which we embrace our instinctual decisions, but we don’t always love the aspects which we decide through reason.

Maybe we ought to embrace our instincts more often.

Hustle it up!

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