The End of the Season

I played my final match on Friday against the Buffalo 25k Champions John Russell and Scott Arnold. It was a great opportunity to play against the now world #1 and #8. I was happily reminded of my potential to play great squash. Even after 4 matches my legs and arm felt good, and we had a strategy and were able to execute well, with a few lapses which cost us the match.

I’m in relatively rough shape at the end of this season, mainly because it ended up extended a few months longer than I had hoped, but I was really happy to have an ending like this. The last tournament was a big break through for me, I felt really good about making the quarters with my partner, Chris Sachvie, who played phenomenally.

I’m looking forward to 3-4 weeks off, with some nice refreshing sun and running. Maybe some margaritas…

I’m super excited about next year, I’m sure it will be tons of fun and hopefully we can make some progress and break through to the top 35!

Hustle it up!

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