The Importance of Sleep

This statistic just blew my mind this morning, anyone, who hasn’t heard it needs to hear it. For people wondering how important their sleep is, after daylight savings time in the spring when the birds are chirping and the flowers are blooming, the hour of sleep that we lose causes insane problems. The day after we lose the hour of sleep there is a 24% increase in heart attack occurrences in across all participating countries (roughly 1.6 billion people). That is an astounding statistic. There is a similar metric that occurs with cases of car crashes, suicide attempts, and suicide success rates.

Another fascinating observation can be made on the day after daylight savings, and that is the harshness of court Judges. Because of the 1 less hours of sleep, judges are on a whole making harsher decisions because of their moodiness and cognitive handicap.

The crazy part is, the opposite metric is observed in the fall when we gain an hour of sleep. There is a 21% decrease in heart attack occurrences the day after we gain an hour of sleep. And the same metric applies to the car crashes, suicide attempts, and judicial sentences.

Simply gaining or losing sleep could be the underlying cause of an unbelievable amount of pathologies around the world. We are now sleeping less than ever recorded in human history, with a global average sleep time of 6:31 minutes. The minimum night sleep, says sleep expert Matthew Walker, Ph.D., (author of Why We Sleep), is 8 hours, no exceptions.

Matthew describes the price we pay for being awake is “basically brain damage”, and our brain repairs itself throughout a nights sleep.

If anyone is interested in learning a ton of cool stuff from Matthew Walker you can do so on Peter Attia’s podcast linked here. They talk about the statistic above during the first 5 minutes of the second episode of the series.

Get some sleep!

2 thoughts on “The Importance of Sleep”

  1. This blows my mind and also overwhelms me because it feels impossible to get 8 hours of sleep right now. I guess this is proof that any marriage that survives having a bunch of sleep-depriving little kids is beating the odds haha.

    1. Hahaha absolutely! It certainly goes to show why successful couples/parents are so strong mentally and character wise after raising kids.

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